How to Bring the Garden into your Conservatory

  • Posted on: 28 April 2016
  • By: admin

If you have a conservatory attached to your home you’ll already know that it’s the lightest room in the house, enjoying more hours of sunshine per day than any other room, thanks to its transparent roof.  Even if you’ve opted to have a proper conservatory roof installed using lightweight roof tiles, you’ll still benefit from the huge windows that allow the light to come streaming in from dawn till dusk. 

Whether you’re an avid plant collector or just enjoy having houseplants around you, the conservatory can be the best place to grow plants.  The warmth and the amount of light available means that you can grow plants in the conservatory that you’d struggle to keep alive elsewhere in the house.  In fact, with just a little effort, you can turn your conservatory into a tropical jungle paradise.  Over the coming weeks we’re going to take a look at some of the plants that you can use to add lush greenery and fabulous flowers in your conservatory but first of all, today, we’re going to take a look at the different types of planters you could use.

The planters you choose will depend on both your taste and your budget.  Many large garden centres nowadays sell fabulous terracotta pots – both glazed and unglazed.  When buying terracotta, make sure that the pots are frost-resistant, they’ll be stronger and last longer.  Plain terracotta is a great option because it means you can mix and match sizes, styles and shapes of pot and the colour will serve to make sure they integrate and match – this means that you can buy the odd pot to add to your collection whenever you see one that you like the look of.

Glazed terracotta is also a great idea – you can often get matching sets of pots in the same glaze in three, four or even five different sizes.  The common glaze is all that’s needed to pull the look together in a stylish way.

Plastic pots are cheap and surprisingly durable.  Nowadays you can buy terracotta coloured plastic pots that look so much like the real thing that you have to touch them to see what they’re made from .  One of the main advantages with plastic pots (besides the fact that they really are so affordable) is that they are lightweight and can easily be moved if you need to take them outdoors in the summer or if you need to clean behind and underneath them or even if you just fancy moving your furniture round to try a different look in the conservatory.  You can also buy plastic terracotta-look troughs which will match and can be used for summer bedding plants, bringing the flower garden indoors.  Siting these on the floor in front of the windows means that you can grow plants upwards to provide a “curtain” effect or to act as a room divider in places.

Many of the large supermarkets offer plant pots for sale at this time of the year – this means you can be on the lookout for bargains and special offers which will allow you to get all the pots you need for your conservatory at a very reasonable rate.


You can choose to buy flower pots that match or just go ahead and plant into an eclectic collection of varied planters.  Whatever you use as growing containers, adding plants to your conservatory is a great way of adding both interest and style.